Witch performs dick sucking ritual on Harmony Vision


Description: The castle has been haunted for several hundreds of years by perverted ghosts. Guests have reported waking up with a dildo in their ass or covered in cum. The current owners have had enough and want the sprits exercised. Mrs Richards seeked council from several reverends but they wouldn’t come near her hotel. Out of desperation she found a witch that would cleanse her establishment. Yaiza del Mar arrived a few days later with her assistant. Since it was a big place it would take them some time to fully cleanse it. They go room to room settling up special entrapment candles before performing a special sexual ritual. It weakens the spirit so Yaiza can contain them in her amulet. She sucks her monks dick while he whispers the magical enchantments. She slaps his cock while sucking it to make sure he doesn’t go too deep in the spiritual realm. To drive the wicked spirt out of hiding she slips her panties off and bends over so the monk can bang her doggystyle. Their hot lovemaking drew out several ghosts. One room down and twenty-four more to go

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: yaiza del mar , stockings , yaiza del mar , harmony vision

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