Asian nurse gives mouth to dick resuscitation


Description: CHINO AZUMI was taking a patient to get a X-ray and he fell out of the wheelchair. When she tried picking him up off the ground her breasts kept smacking him in the face. He started sucking on her nipples to keep both tits from injuring him. Chino finally managed to help him back into the wheelchair and she noticed his robe loosened up enough that she could see the patient had a raging boner. Mr Yin has a heart condition so she checked his pulse to make sure he wasn’t going into cardiac arrest. His readings were on the high side so she started sucking on his dick to try and calm him down. That didn’t work at all and when she started titty fucking him his heart rate went even higher. She shouted out code blue but nobody was around to help. She turned around to go get help and all of a sudden Mr Yin grabbed her by the waist and started fucking her doggystyle. Another patient was walking by and he stopped to watch Chinos tits bounce back and forth as she was getting fucked. Mr Yin told her that he was cumming and since she didn’t have a cup to collect his sample she took it all in her mouth

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: asian , jp nurse , chino azumi , nippon

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