Tory Lane Gives Insane Performance on Glory Hole Loads


Description: Tory Lane stops by the BangBros viewing booth for some dag nasty gloryhole action on Glory Hole Loads episode ghl12716. This is her first time in a viewing booth, and it may be her last. She is absolutely electric with enough energy to run a marathon. She is willing to suck some random dick on camera, but she wants to get paid. The cameraman forgot his wallet in the car, but she trusts he will take care of her. She continues to bounce off the walls and waits for the barrage of dicks to make their way into her mouth. The first one appears and she jumps on it right away. She takes a moment to say "stand strong, boys" and then continues her cock sucking quest. This bitch is crazy. She holds back her hair while deepthroating like a savage. Another cock appears behind her and she goes after that one. The cameraman tells her there's a stain on her forehead from some of the graffiti on the wall. She rambles on about god knows what and someone hands her a rag to clean herself. When she is done, she goes back to cock number one and tells the guy behind the wall to shut the fuck up because he is only supposed to be another cock in the wall. She starts to get really sloppy and nasty and she gets her spit all over the camera lens. The cameraman uses her panties to clean up the mess. She puts a condom on the one of the cocks and starts fucking it while moaning and rambling like she's losing her mind. It is exhausting to watch and listen to this mad woman, but she's like a train wreck and I can't look away. Another dick pops out and she puts a condom on it as well. She fucks and finishes it off with a handjob. She says this is a gloryhole video to go down in history, and I think she is right. Nobody will ever be able to top this level of insanity.

Published: Jul 1, 2016

Tags: tory lane , crazy , gloryhole

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