Stranded teen Rachel Madori has aggressive rough sex


Description: Rachel went to party last night and the next morning she woke up to discover her friends had left her stranded. With her phone dead all she can do is walk until she finds something she recognizes. It doesn't help that she's visiting from out of town and really has no idea where she is. She sees Bruno driving by in his van and waves him down. She begs him to give her a ride and would do anything for it. After driving for a while Bruno pulls off the road and parks in the tall grass. Rachel has been getting increasingly nervous this whole time because of the way he's been looking at her and the things he's been saying. But they are in the middle of nowhere and his is the only car she's seen since the moment she woke up. She just really wants to get home. He tells her that she said she would do anything to get home. But Rachel says within reason, and shies away at him trying to touch her. Rachel tells him that she's not like that but Bruno doesn't believe her. Not with all the skin she's showing, she's definitely a whore. Bruno grabs her hands and ties them together and then ties them over her head. Rachel fights him the whole time but is powerless to stop him. He pulls down her shorts and slaps her pussy before fingering her. Bruno can feel her pussy getting wet, and makes her taste her pussy by sticking his fingers down her throat and making her choke. Then he pulls out his cock to make her deepthroat it. She gags as he face fucks her hard and rough. Then he takes her to the back of the van and brutally fucks her in multiple positions. All the while making Rachel call herself slut and whore as he stretches her tight pussy. She tries to resist but can't help being turned on as his huge dick thrusts inside her and ends up cumming all over it. Bruno laughs as he looks at the shame in her eyes and then busts a nut across her pretty face.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: bondage , rachel madori , bdsm , forced

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