Ex pornstar turned realtor takes dick to close a deal


Description: Realtor Abby cross had a long career in porn but now makes a living selling real estate and doing pretty well at it. The house is amazing and only fit for high rollers. The client came with a friend, who records the tour of the home and when Abby walks off to take a call, the client tells his buddy he recognizes her from old porn films and wonders if he has a chance to have sex with her. Abby walks back into the room and the guy tells her he remembers her from somewhere and question here about her past profession. The realtor hesitates to tell him but eventually lets him know that she is the porn star he’s talking about. He makes her an offer that will include the house and fucking her, however, he pleases. Abby accepts his offer and starts making out with the client. he smacks her ass right before she goes in head first sucking his dick, slamming it deep down her throat. The very happy client bends her over doggy style on the sofa fucking her hard and long with no condom as he ass bounce. She talks dirty and screams from pleasure begging to ride his meat. The hot realtor jumps on his pole and rides the horse while praising his strike game. His fantasy has come true as he busts a load all over her face. He didn't buy the house but he got some pussy from a sexy porn star.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: real estate , abby cross , real estate , realtor , porn star

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