Sensual body massage with a happy ending


Description: How would you like to lay butt-naked on a massage table with a gorgeous big tit babe rubbing oil into your skin and making your whole body shiver with soft gentle touches of her magic fingers? Donny is the luckiest guy on Earth cuz he gets a very special erotic massage from Samantha the top rated masseuse in the country with great reviews from A-list celebrities. He’s been working hard and in need for a great rub down. Excited about having the best masseuse massage his tired body and he’s hoping this massage will take the edge off. Samantha begins the sexual massage rubbing his back and ass, spending most of the time on his ass. She tells him to turn around ,then drips some of her magic oils on him before massaging his chest. Donny is loving every minute of it expectably when she start rubbing his nipples. The massage took a turn for the better but he didn’t expect this to happen. Samantha gently rubbed his ball and work her way up to the head of his dick and once he didn’t respond she grabbed his cock a full on massaged it. She started stroking his cock and lift her shit, exposing her big perky tits. She slapped his cock in-between her tits making him moan with pleasure and happiness. Before you know it, Samantha is naked on top of Donny in a 69 position sucking his cock while he licks her pussy. The horny masseuse wants his meat in her cunt and Donny has no problem with it. They fuck on the table in every position, making in jizz on her stomach.and ends up giving her a deep internal massage himself. Sounds tempting? Watch this new X-Sensual scene and unleash your wildest erotic fantasies.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: dirty flix , massage , big tits , massage x

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