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Description: This video opens up with some distraught muscular dude sitting in front of a small dinner table, playing peek-a-boo with the camera. He is in his underwear and there is a glass of orange liquid (a cocktail, perhaps) sitting in front of him. One gets the feeling that anything could happen at this point. This could be a really great video, or something terrible can happen that would scar you for life. A woman enters the room wearing a sports bra and a mini skirt. She picks up his drink, mumbles something incoherent, and takes a sip. The jock-looking stud stares at her as she places the cup back down on the table and walks away. She is without a doubt the source of his angst and frustration. He picks up the drink and walks after her while rubbing his genitals. He says something to her in a foreign language that I can't quite identify--Portuguese, maybe? I think he says, "Bitch if you want to drink my shit, you'll have to lick it off of my small dick," or something to that effect. He then proceeds to dip his mini cock in the orange liquid and home girl actually complies by dropping to her knees and giving him head. Next, he bends her over the small dinner table, lifts her skirt up, and pushes her thong panties to the side so he can get all up in that shit. They have mediocre sex in several positions and the guy starts to get soft, so the girl tries sucking his dick again to salvage it. That gives him enough of a hard-on to continue fucking a little bit more, but by now he's just about spent. As a final ditch effort to punish the bitch for drinking his juice, he jerks off his soft pecker and cums all over her raddled face. Hopefully that will teach her brazen ass a lesson.

Published: Jun 22, 2016

Tags: facial , amateur , cumshot , camster , hispanic , latina , big tits , webcam

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