Latina teen fucks her dad's best friend for 19th bday


Description: One thing that all teenage girls want is dick. For many girls, the boys at school aren't enough and they want to be handled by a man that knows what he's doing. It's those years of experience that really turns on this particular girl who just turned nineteen years old. She's had a crush on her dad's best friend for as long as she can remember and now she wants to do something about it. Her dad would be busy all day and night, picking up extra shifts when he can, so he gives her money to go out and celebrate with her friends. She wasn't able to last year and her dad wanted to make it up to her. Little does he know that she's going to use that money to buy herself a sexy outfit to wear for his best friend. She arrives at his place and he is surprised to see her. He lets her in and once they're in the living room she explains it's her birthday today and what she wants is his cock in pussy. He tells her this is not appropriate, and admits that even though they've been flirting a little bit lately, her dad is his friend and he's not going to risk getting caught. But I bought this outfit for you, she said, and I also bought something else. She pulls out a box from the bag she carried in and opens it to reveal a vibrator. Before he has a second to react, she has already plugged into the wall and using it on herself. What's the problem, she says, it feels so good and I'm legal after all. She closes her eyes and starts to moan louder and louder the more she uses the vibrator. She lifts up her top and squeezes her tits and looks at her dad's best friend in the eye as she makes herself cum. His cock has become so hard and is about to burst out of his pants. She tells him now it's time for the real thing and sits on his lap and buries his face between her boobs. He can't resist any more and puts her on her knees to suck his cock. He grabs her firmly by her long black hair and fucks her face until she chokes. Then after a long fuck session he cums all over her pretty teen face.

Published: Jun 23, 2016

Tags: facial , latina , teen , younger older

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