Catholic schoolgirl can't resist her lesbian urges


Description: Vanessa can't help it. No matter how hard she tries she can't stop thinking about her friend Dani. She didn't think that being in all girls Catholic school would be such a problem but it turns out she finds them sexually attractive. When everyone is asleep she goes down to the chapel and prays. She asks for forgiveness for not resisting temptation. She feels guilty for getting pleasure from masturbating and asks for guidance in repressing her same sex attractions. She decides the best way to do this is to ignore her Dani completely. She knows that they can't even be in the same room, if so she'll try to take advantage of her. Dani notices that Vanessa has been ignoring her and after a couple days goes knocks on her bedroom door and lets herself in. She looks around and doesn't see her, then she hears a faint moaning from the bathroom and she opens it to see Vanessa on the bathroom counter rubbing her clit. Her pussy juice dripping down the sides of her legs. They are both shocked to see each other and Vanessa breaks down. She confesses that she is in love with her and she's tried to stay away because it's wrong and she's only masturbating because it's the only way to get rid of her impure thoughts, even for just for a little while. Dani needs a moment to digest this information and feels horrible that Vanessa has been suffering like this all alone. Dani grabs her hand and takes her over to the bed. Dani starts to caress her and can see that Vanessa is nervous, even shaking. Dani tells her to close her eyes and then kisses her. See that wasn't so bad, Dani says. Vanessa smiles and they continue tasting each other's lips. They take off their clothes and they begin to lick each other's pussies. Then they finger each other until they both cum multiple times, and taste themselves on each other's fingers. How can something that feels so good be so wrong?

Published: Jun 23, 2016

Tags: dani daniels , lesbians , schoolgirl , vanessa veracruz , vanessa veracruz

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