model slipped a mickey and tortured by photographer


Description: An innocent erotic photo shoot turns kinky once photographer Gina Kilmer gets a peek at model Tatiana Milovani's beckoning beaver. Under the pretense of doing some innocent photos with the great photographer. She offers Tatiana a drink to unwind and slips something in her drink to get her out of her mind. It doesn’t take long before the effects kick in, while she’s having pictures taken she starts to act strangely and eventually gets dizzy. Dina gets Tatiana to lie on the floor as she slides her hand beneath her panty lines. As soon as Gina touches that moist mound, she shifts into 'tyrannized mode' and decides to test Tatiana's limits...for the sake of art. She wraps her head in plastic, then binds her tits and feet with some heavy-duty duct tape. From then on, all bets are off as Gina both teases and tortures her victims with a monster-sized dildo, making sure to get some sweet shots in the process. She’s kissing her and taking pictures of her pussy while sucking her finger and licking her cunt all while duct taped and bend over under the influence of her little drug she slipped in the drink.

Published: Jun 23, 2016

Tags: lesbian , tatiana milovani , bdsm , gina kilmer

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