Latina Alexa Rydell Fucked by Brick Danger on BRF


Description: A casting director requests to have the next girl sent into the room. There is a knock at the door, and it is 21-year-old amateur Alexa Rydell ready for her closeup. She is wearing a striped tank top and short shorts. Her legs look lean and fit, her brown hair is long a flowy. The director gives her an interview. She tells us that she is from Southern California, and that she is a student. She is also in a relationship, but she assures the director that it is not that serious and it won't get in the way of work. We also learn that she loves to fuck, and she is comfortable in front of a camera. At around the 10 minute mark, the director starts snapping photos. He asks her to get naked and she complies. She has small tits, a pierced navel, tan lines, and a gang of star tattoos that go from her left hip all the way up her back. The director tells her that the tattoos might be a problem, and that she would have to work extra hard to make up for them because people generally don't like tattoos on porn stars. She opens her legs for the camera and reveals a pretty, hairless pussy. There is some roast beef on that pussy, but not too much. Being naked and vulnerable gets her hot and horny, so she begins to finger herself in front of the camera. As if on cue, someone walks in through the door--and it's the one and only popular BangBros stud, Brick Danger! He heard her mating call and decided to investigate. He helps himself to her pussy and she is caught off guard. The director tells her that he needs to have a sex tape video of her to show the bosses for consideration. Sine she did not bring her own, they would have to make one. This seems to make enough sense to Alexa, so she goes along with it. She sucks Brick's dick and then rides him on the couch. Brick power fucks her and cums on her face. She thinks this is a legit audition, but it is really not. She just got exploited on Back Room Facials. Hope you enjoyed the episode (brf10483)!

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: alexa rydell , latina , casting , alexa rydell , brick danger

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