Mercedes Lynn with Koi, Melina Mason, & Izzy Bella Blu


Description: This Party of 3 video (episode ls9608) opens up with a group of lesbians that includes Mercedes Lynn (the host), Koi, Melina Mason, and Izzy Bella Blue. Each one of them is hot as fuck. They have perfect pornstar bodies and big tits. They are introducing themselves and discussing what they are going to do later that day. Hint: it involves a gang of toys, including strap-ons, which is Mercedes Lynn's specialty. But first they have to go buy the equipment. So with the Bang Bros credit card in hand, they head over to a sex shop somewhere in Miami, FL, and pick out some interesting tools of the trade. They peruse the aisles and make their selections for the event. The shopping process is surprisingly quick! You would expect these ladies to be there all day, checking every single available option and generally eating shit, but I guess they are god damn pros. They head back to the house and get straight to it. They start fingering and eating each other out. Lesbian group sex is the best, isn't it? It doesn't take long for the first toy to come out and play--a strapon. It's hard to keep track of who is fucking who in this convoluted scene, but it doesn't really matter. Rubber dicks are being inserted into every available opening, including mouths, pussies, and ass holes. It is complete fucking chaos, but they seem to like it that way. There is so much moaning going on here that you could swear they are all having multiple orgasms. And maybe they are. Don't women have those? Multiple orgasms, that is. Is that a real thing, or do women just have a series of half-assed mini-orgasms? I guess the world will never know. Anyways, these girls definitely have at least one orgasm, each. Everyone gets theirs and is happy in the end. I hope you got yours, too, dear reader.

Published: Jul 7, 2016

Tags: lesbian , melina mason , izzy bella blu , mercedes lynn , melina mason , izzy bella blu

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