Hotel housekeeper walks in on guest jerking his dick


Description: Bruno was all alone in his hotel room just trying to watch some porn and jerk off, that’s when Abbey the housekeeper, walks in to drop some towels off, but she made one big mistake by entering without knocking. Bruno had his cock in his hand stroking the pole hard when she came in and he was pissed that she came in without knocking and said he’d call her manager and get her fired for disrupting him and invading his privacy. Abby begged him not to tell the manager and she will do anything to avoid him going to her superior, she says she really needs this job and can’t afford to lose it. Bruno told her that there’s a way to fix it and it involves her mouth on his cock. The shy housekeeper stood quietly with a very nervous look on her face as he tries to touch her breast. She refuses at first but next thing you know, she’s on her knees slurping and jerking his gigantic dick. He bent Abbey over the bed and pulled down her pants and rammed it into her tight teen pussy from behind. Bruno is taken back by how good her pussy is and it's so pretty. She manages to take the big cock as she moans with pleasure but still has a scared look on her face.Bruno flipped her over and pounded into her one last time before releasing his load all over her pussy. After he busted his load on her cunt, he tells her how good her pussy was and that she should do this for a living, she will make way more money than cleaning hotel rooms. The housekeeper looked scared and horrified but happy to get some cock That should teach her knock before going into someone's room.

Published: Jun 25, 2016

Tags: cfnm , housekeeping , hotel , teens

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