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Description: Derrick Pierce headed over to the Nuru Massage parlor to have his back worked on. When he arrived the masseuse he normally uses was out sick but they had another available person that could see him right away. Derrick was in a rush so he didn’t really care who worked on him as long as they could relax his back spasms. The desk clerk took him to a room and told him to undress for the masseuse. Shortly after Ashley Adams entered the room with her clipboard and started asking him a few questions so she could assess his treatment plan. When he started responding she immediately recognized his voice and looked up. When their eyes meet, almost in sync, they both shouted “what are you doing here” Ashley is Derrick’s wifes best friend, and there is no way she could massage him. They discussed the morality of the situation for a while until Derricks back spasmed again. He offered her triple her normal rate just to get started. That was an offer Ashley couldn’t refuse but she told him there would be any extras. While massaging his naked body she noticed he had a really fat cock and during the body to body portion of the session she “accidentally” slipped it in her pussy. He was shocked at first but they made a pact to keep this between themselves

Published: Jun 24, 2016

Tags: ashley adams , pornstar , massage , derrick pierce

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