Big ass latina Keisha tries out new massage techniques


Description: As Kurt limps into the room he sees the therapist, Keisha, and apologizes for being early but he'd rather get this over with right now. Keisha isn't finished setting up and asks he doesn't mind waiting. He explains he has a meeting that he needs to get to later today and in the state he's in he needs to have enough time to get there. She sits him down on the massage table and examines his leg. Then she helps him remove his shirt, shoes, and socks before laying him face down. She begins his full body massage and starts with the injured leg. Once Keisha is done, she explains to Kurt the new massage technique that she wants to try. She'll have to take off his shorts and put a towel over him to properly do it. He wasn't really listening to what she was saying because he couldn't help but notice her big natural tits through her shirt while she talked. Keisha begins to massage his legs and then works on his lower back. He tells her that she came recommended by his teammates. They said she was very thorough. She smirks as she realizes what sports team she plays for. She sees a lot of his teammates. They really like her new techniques and she knows he'll like them too. She works on his back, shoulders, and neck before telling him to flip over so she can work on his chest. As he turns over she can the huge erection he has and he's embarrassed. She giggles and tells him it's ok. She starts working on his chest and slowly works her way down to her cock. She tells him it's part of her new technique and removes the towel and starts stroking it. Then she takes off her clothes and puts his dick in her mouth. Then she rubs it against her tits and then climbs on top of him. She lets his cock slide inside of her and begins to ride him. Then he fucks her in a couple more positions before pulling out and having her jerk him off all over her stomach. He thanks her for the amazing session and she tells him he should come in at least once a week.

Published: Jun 25, 2016

Tags: keisha grey , big ass , latina , big natural tits

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