My stepmom helps me study for my French exam


Description: While I'm going over my notes for my french exam, my dad's trophy wife walks in and sits on top of the table in front of me, friendly as ever. I try to be short with her, but she isn't taking a hint. She offers to help me study and when I tell her no, she says why not since she's my stepmom. I tell her very clearly that she's not my stepmom, she's my dad's super hot trophy wife. That's the only reason she's here. I tell her not to call me son, she should call me Tyler, and I'll call her Anissa. She sighs and explains she's trying to be friends but I should let her help me with my final because my father will cut up my credit card if I fail. I say fine and I ask her how she can help me. Her idea is that she'll give me a bunch of french words and if I can guess what they are correctly, she'll take off her top. I gulp as my eyes move down to her huge natural tits. She laughs and we begin the study session. I get a lot of the words wrong, but I get enough right that now she's completely naked. I think I definitely got the hang of it now. She congratulates me and is about to walk away when I combine all the french words I know to tell her that I want to fuck her. But she's my stepmom, she says. I tell her yes, yes she is. She says she wants to fuck me too and after worshipping her huge rack I spread her legs on the table and lick her pussy. She moans as I stick my tongue inside her. Then I pull down my pants and she sucks my cock. I grab her hair and face fuck her until I make her gag. She giggles after coming up for air and I turn her around and bend her over to pound her hard. After a couple more positions she tells me she wants my cum all over her face. When I'm about to explode I pull out and she drops to her knees and opens her mouth wide for me. I shoot my load across her face and she sucks the rest of it out my cock and swallows it. She tells me she'll give me another lesson whenever I want.

Published: Jun 26, 2016

Tags: anissa kate , milf , stepmom , big natural tits

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