European cutie does four man blowbang on Perfect Gonzo


Description: Misha Cross showed up in a barely there leather strapped piece of lingerie with a leash attached to it. She modeled it out by the road for me by walking a few steps away so I could get a good look at her hot little body. I took her by the leash and led her inside so she could meet the guys. Misha crawled on her knees to the center of the room so they could gather around. She’s never done a blowbang before but she loves sucking dick and and today she has four of them to play with. While she was attending to one of the guys the others stroked their cocks so it would be nice and hard when it was their turn. Once the freak fully emerged from Misha she had two dicks in her mouth at the same time while using her hands to jerk off the other two. At the end all the guys line up and blow their loads all over her pretty smiling face. Even covered in cum she’s still a cutie pie

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: deepthroat , misha cross , blowjob video , blowbang

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