Whip cream Wednesdays presented by party hardcore


Description: Today is the most popular voted night by the ladies. Whip cream Wednesday always bring in huge crowds because licking white stuff off the tip of a dick really brings the freaks out. When the guys come from backstage with their bottles the women rush the stage so they can participate inn the fun. The guy squirts a little bit on the tip of his dick. The shy ladies just lick it off. The horny ladies give deep throat blowjobs to suck the cream off. On the main stage a few ladies were dancing with the strippers and even took their clothes off too. With some liquid courage flowing through their veins and some encouragement forth crowd the dancers on the stage started having sex in front of everyone. One lady had her skirt pulled up and she was getting fucked doggystlye while the other two ladies were giving the other stripper a double blowjob. By the bar there was another competition to see who could give the best blowjob. First lady to make the guy cum got her picture placed on the wall of fame

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: party hardcore , dancing , voyeur

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