Legs pressed behind her head for easy anal encounter


Description: Brian came home from a very stressful day at work and he found Adel in bed reading a magazine. After hearing about his terrible day she gave him a relaxing massage and a nice blowjob to ease the stress. He enjoyed that very much, it was just what he needed. He slid her cotton top off and started kissing her perky breasts. Then he entered her shaved pussy with his hard throbbing cock and gently stroked in and out. She was on her back but one of her legs was up on his shoulder. From this position he could get really deep in her vagina and they kissed passionately as they made love. Next she wrapped both legs behind her head so he could have full access to her lower region. Brian slowly inserted his dick into her asshole, she closed her eyes and bit her lip from the pain. While he’s sliding in and out of her ass he puts his left thumb in her pussy and rubs her clit with his index finger. She orgasms over and over from the double penetration like feeling of having his cock and fingers in her at the same time.

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: euro , adel , anal , brian

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