Couple make a sex tape to get on TV by Shane's World


Description: James and Alexis have always been fans of the Retarded Porn Show. They found out about a contest that they're putting together asking for submissions of the best couples sex and the winner gets to be featured on the show. Alexis and James see this as the perfect excuse to make the sex tape they've always wanted. They even hire a cameraman to help them get some good angles as they fuck. They start off with making out which soon turns to caressing. Then they get themselves completely naked and Alexis starts to suck James' big cock. He holds her hair and pushes her head down as far as she can go. He holds it there as her face starts to turn red and then she comes up for air. She gasps as she strokes his dick with both hands before trying to deepthroat it again. She's counts herself lucky to have such a big cock inside her every day. He fingers her pussy while she continues gagging on his dick before pushing her on her back and sticking it in her pussy. He pounds her missionary style with her legs up in the air as she moans with pleasure. Then James turns her over to fuck her doggy style and the camera finds just the right angle to show off just how big her ass is. She begs James to fuck her harder and she moan even louder. Then he lays on the bed and Alexis climbs on top of him to ride him. He wraps his arms around her and thrusts inside her hard and fast as he bounces up and down on top of him. Then they have sex in a couple more positions before James shoots his load all over her asshole. They give a quick send off to the camera and the recording stops.

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: big ass , alexis malone , cumshot , big cock , alexis malone

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