Tiny escort Anya Olsen gives client the ultimate service


Description: Juan is having trouble with his girlfriend. It turns out that she likes to make him jealous and laughs at his frustration. He figures alright, two can play at that game. He had heard of an escort service that was nearby and looked them up. He finds a whole catalogue of girls to choose from. He narrows down his search until he finds a girl who's extra small. Just the way he likes them. He sends her a message from her profile page asking if she's available. Sure enough she is, and is seven minutes away. Anya is walking towards the building in high heels and a brown coat. She's surprised to see the building that Juan lives in. He must have a lot of money. She hopes he at least has a big dick, and a good tipper. While in the elevator it occurs to her that she didn't get a look at his picture on the site. Oh well, too late now but a girl can hope he's cute can't she. She knocks on the door and Juan answers. They exchange their greetings and she's happy to see he's cute after all. Juan's happy, and relieved, to see that Anya is actually real. This makes her laugh and tells Juan to get comfortable because she's going to give him a show. She's got a really big booty for a tiny girl. After they go over the different options, Juan tells her he wants the platinum option. Great choice, she says. She lays him on the bed and dances for him before climbing on top of him to suck his dick. She starts to gag as she tries to deepthroat it. Her face and eyes turn red as she comes up for air and he grabs her hair and face fucks her while she looks him in eye. Anya creates a sloppy mess in the process. Then Juan fucks her in a couple positions before pounding her doggy style. He gets so rough that Anya starts to scream as he holds down her head with his foot. Then he grabs her firmly by the throat and pounds her harder still as her face turns red from lack of air. Then she jerks him off all over her face. He makes sure to give her a big tip.

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: rough , gagging , anya olsen , choking , anya olsen

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