Step daughter swallows her dad’s cum to borrow his car


Description: Veronica is just an innocent young thing starting university! She loves to tease and flirt with all of the college boys. She unknowingly teased the wrong cock, the day she approached Talon. She walks up to her stepfather right when he was about to pull off and go to work, she asks if she can borrow his car to go hang out but the stepdad wants to know what she’s going to do for him and veronica whispers to him, that she’ll swallow. He knew exactly how to teach Veronica to a lesson she wouldn't soon forget. Talon spared no time getting veronica's juices flowing, He got her so bothered that she couldn't wait to stick his huge cock into her small mouth. He sucked her tits and licked her little pussy until it was soaking wet. Breathing heavy and shoving his fingers in the college girl has her moaning really loud. Veronica drops to her knees and jams his cock down her throat, deep throating her stepdad’s cock and sucking his balls. She loves sucking dick, it gets her extra horny as she masturbates, rubbing her wet pussy and gagging on his meat. Talon slams his rod in her horny cunt as the juices flow out her wet box. She stops to negotiate borrowing the car before sucking his cock again. Talon is loving this young pussy so he throws it back into her pussy and it doesn’t take long before his stepdaughter squirts. then stretched her tight little pussy so much that she never forgot him or his lesson on being a cock tease and swallowed his nut as she promised. Veronica got the keys to the car and told him, thank you, daddy.

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: step daughter , latina , veronica rodriguez , step dad

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