Slutty girlfriend steals boyfriends money and fucks his buddy


Description: James is on the phone talking to his buddy about going to the strip club and making sure they have cash due to the fact that they only take cash but when he check his wallet he notices all his cash is gone. The only other person who has been in the hotel room is his girlfriend so he assumes she stole his money because it’s happened before.This guy has a kinky idea how to step up his sex life and punish his girlfriend for stealing some cash from his wallet at the same time. He takes a shower and sits in the bathroom strategizing his plan. She walks in with a shower in mind but her tells her to hold off for a minute and tells her they should step up their sex life starting with the blindfolds he has purchased. His buddy fucks her tight pussy hard and the slut loves it. He gets this unsuspecting nubile blonde tied and blindfolded in a hotel bathroom and sneaks his buddy in to let him play with her pussy and bang her. Ain’t that fucking dirty and the bitch loves it so much she lets this dude continue even without the blindfold. Once they untie her she drops down and sucks his cock and licks his balls, then jumps on top riding his dick and moaning from pleasure. His buddy fucks her every which way possible and cuts on her ass. What a shameless cock-craving slut, the plan didn't turn out the way he thought it would, the whore loved the pounding from his buddy and wouldn't mind getting drilled by him again. His slutty girlfriend wants to accompany them to the strip club in hopes of licking some other bitch pussy.

Published: Jun 27, 2016

Tags: blindfold , bondage , kink , bathroom

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