Megan Foxx saves a horse and rides a cowboy on HDV Pass


Description: Megan Foxx was hanging outside her family barn watching all the ranch hands tend to the horses. It was a unusually hot day in Texas so just had her boots on and a shirt that just barely covered her ass. One of the guys noticed her sitting on a brick of hay and went to his pickup truck to grab his guitar. He just started taking lessons not to long ago but the ladies love men who can play. He gave it his best shot and played a tune he made up on the spot. It must have been the heat but she fell for it hook, line, and sinker. Megan unzipped his pants and stared sucking his dick right then and there. She smeared her bright red lipstick all over his shaft. Her pussy became soaking wet at the though of having his long rod deep inside her. She bent over and lifted her shift so he could enter her doggystyle. He gave her rump a hard enough slap it left a outline of his palm print. Next he sat down on the hay and she sat down on top of him and rode him reverse cowgirl. She occasionally stopped to take his dick out and slap it against her shaved pussy lips.

Published: Jun 28, 2016

Tags: guitar , megan foxx , cowgirl , hdv pass , guitar

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