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Description: Renee Roulette is going door to door in a strange neighborhood because her car ran out of gas. It was the middle of the day and most people were at work but Winston was off because he had a dental appointment. When he opened the door she was very frantic. He let her inside and gave her a glass of water so she could calm down. She explained she driving across the state and she’s totally out of cash and her car just ran out of gas. Winston felt bad for her but he was on his way out to his appointment and doesn’t have any cash on hand. Renee said she would do anything for some assistance, anything. Before he could do anything she was on her knees unzipping his pants. She pulled out his cock and started stroking it, as her got an erection she gave him a blowjob. Winston was speechless, something like this has never happened to him before. She pushed him back on the couch and started riding his cock. Renee’s tight teen pussy felt like a vice grip on his penis and he had to fight the urge of cumming with every stroke

Published: Jun 28, 2016

Tags: petite , renee roulette , petite 18 , teen

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