Japanese hottie gets fucked hard by boyfriend


Description: Tsubasa Amami is a Japanese hottie that is on vacation with her boyfriend. It's the first time in a long time that they've been able to get away from their busy lives. Her boyfriend recently purchased a camera and wanted to record videos of their trip to keep as memories. They arrived at their hotel room and Tsubasa rushes over to the window while her boyfriend brought in the suitcases. She can't believe the view from their room and is so happy that their plan worked out. He looks over at her admires how the sunlight shines through and sort of clothes her in gold. It's almost like she's glowing and he finds it so beautiful. He takes out his camera and jokingly asks her if she could model for him. She giggles and poses in front of the window for him. Then he starts recording her on the couch while playing with her face and she grabs his hand and lightly kisses his fingers. Slowly but surely they start to get more passionate as they start putting their hands on each other. He gets on top of her and pulls down her blouse to reveal her big tits. He flicks her hard nipples with his tongue before sucking on them. She moans with pleasure as they begin undressing each other. They're completely naked as he begins to lick her pussy. Once she's nice and wet they switch positions so she can return the favor. It's not enough for him to let taste his cock and has her sit on his face so he can continue licking her pussy. Then he turns her back around and has her sit on his cock. They fuck in multiple positions as Tsubasa cums many times. That cute voice of hers screaming in ecstacy just makes him pound her even harder. Then when he's just about to burst he pulls out and gives her a facial. Then she sucks his cock dry, all while the camera is still rolling. This is a memory they'll be watching over and over.

Published: Jun 28, 2016

Tags: couple , asian , tsubasa amami , girlfriend

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