Step sister gets brutalized and fucked for stealing money


Description: Jade is broke and wants to go hang out with her friends but has no way to get some cash. Her parents are out of town and the only other person around is her step brother but she knows he won’t give it to her because she already owes him money. She really wants to hang out and decides to just steal the more out of his wallet. Jade should have thought twice before stealing cash from her step-brother's wallet. Now the bitch will learn about family respect the hard way. he left to go to work but realized he left his wallet and immediately noticed it was a little light. he approached his sister who at this time was chilling out on the sofa with her headphones on just listening o music. He questions her about the missing cash and of course she denies the accusations but he knows she’s the only one that could have stolen his money. He keeps pressuring his sister about the money and eventually she admitted to stealing the cash and brutally says she doesn’t give a fuck. He roughly grabs her, choking and ripping her shirt exposing her tits. when this tattooed guy rips up her shirt and pants, he forces her to suck his cock, smacking her face and stuffing his dick down her throat without her permission and fucks her brains out like a boss. Fucking cheap-ass thief! She better suck and rides that dick really well for those 50 bucks she stole cuz this guy ain't stopping till her pretty face is all covered with his sticky ball cream.

Published: Jun 29, 2016

Tags: rough sex , stealing , brutal x , step sister , stealing

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