Piper Perri gets bound and gagged trying to get home


Description: Piper was on her way to a friend's house and got lost. It was her first time taking the bus and she must of gotten off at the wrong stop because after walking around for hours, nothing is similar to the directions her friend gave her. What's worse is that she can't even get a signal so she can't call her friend. She sees a white van and waves it down. The driver, Bruno, pulls over and asks her what the trouble is. She explains her situation and he tells her he can give her a ride, but then asks what could she do for him. Piper exclaims that she would do anything, she's so desperate to get out of this scorching heat. Once the car starts driving they get better acquainted with each other and she tells him where she's going. Luckily he knows where that is. She thanks him profusely and he says it's not a problem. After all, she did say she would do anything. Bruno starts driving to a secluded area. He hints at what exactly he wants from her and she doesn't oppose it. She knows what she said and she is down to do anything. It turns out that tiny teen Piper is a huge slut. He parks the van in front of an abandoned building and pulls out his cock. She gives a nervous laugh and tells him that a fair trade is a fair trade. She puts her hand on his dick and the moment she does, Bruno handcuffs her to him. Now she can't go anywhere. She tells him that this isn't necessary but Bruno doesn't care. He likes to rough even if the girl is willing. Piper starts to suck his cock and after a lengthy blowjob he pulls her out of the car and carries her inside the abandoned building. He cuffs her hands together and ties her hands around a support beam so her arms are extended in the air. He pulls off her clothes and plays with her petite body before taping her mouth. Then he fucks her from behind. Holding onto that tiny ass of hers as he pounds her over and over. Piper's screams are muffled by the tape as she cums and her legs start to shake.

Published: Jun 29, 2016

Tags: bondage , outdoors , tiny teen , piper perri

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