Skinny Black Girl Introducing Herself to Webcaming


Description: We've got a new ebony amateur who's new to webcaming so she wanted to make this video to help introduce herself. She's a 22 year old African American girl who joined the site roughly two weeks ago. Measuring 5'10" - 6'2" in height and weighs 130-145 lbs. She's a little taller than the average height of girls on the site but her body figure is petite like most the chicks. The recording started with her having her left leg up looking like Captain Morgan and her nice ass taking up most of the frame. She puts her legs down walks towards the blank white wall. She's an amateur and forgot to turn on the bedroom lights so the lighting in this video isn't so professional. With her back facing the camera, she starts seductively dancing and stripteasing off her items of clothing. Sucks she didn't play any music to help with dance moves but I guess we can play our favorite stripper music and it should fit right in. Starting with her black bra, she removes the straps and then turns around to un-clip the back back of the titty holster. She plays with our patients for a bit as she dangles the bra with her right hand while still facing the wall. Before she turned around to show us her assets, she teased us some more with an attempt to removing her panties. At this point, I'm a bit dizzy from all the twirling around, but she finally faces the cam again and we can see her nice perky natural tits. They are small tits, but I can't complain. She had enough with the foreplay and wanted to get onto the masturbation phase, so she dropped her underwear and laid down on the bed with the webcam up close to her fat ebony pussy. She's a shy type because not much moaning was heard from her as fingered herself but we know she had a good time because her fingers were covered with her cum.

Published: Jun 29, 2016

Tags: masturbating , striptease , ebony , webcam

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