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Description: Tania is listening some some classic rock and roll while cleaning her room. She happens to walk past her mirror after dropping some dirty clothes in her closet and starts posing. She hasn’t heard from her boyfriend in a while so she grabs her camera and starts taking some selfies to send him. She’s wearing a tight pink shirt with no bra on. She tugs on the bottom of her shirt so show a little bit more cleavage. She take a few pictures from several angles before removing her boy shorts and shirt. Now she’s just sitting on her bed in her thong panties snapping picture after picture. She lays down and starts scrolling through all the pictures she took to decide which ones she wants to keep. Seeing her naked teen body on the camera started making her panties wet. Tania started rubbing her belly then worked her way up to her breasts. Somehow her right hand found its way into her underwear and she started rubbing her clit

Published: Jun 30, 2016

Tags: masturbation , emo , solo , teen

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