Dylan Ryder would rather fuck than do yoga


Description: There's this street I always take to get to the studio that takes me through a neighborhood and every day, without exception, I see this big tits hottie doing yoga outside. I know that I won't be able to approach her with my camera in hand and not come off like a creep, so I got in touch with friend and told him to come meet me and we can approach her together. We go over the game plan and we decide that he'll tell her he's a yoga instructor and we're looking to film some instructional videos. If she can help us we could give her a free yoga lesson and free time in the studio. Perfect, we get out of the car and as we're walking up to her do we really notice just how big her tits actually are. She's a perfect 10 and we know we need to bring her back to the studio. She says her name is Dylan and is friendly but a little suspicious, which is natural. We're able to successfully convince her and lay her doubts to rest, so we bring her back to our studio. After my friend makes up a couple positions for her to try she's starting to realize that he could just be making all this up. He tries to show her a new pose and puts his hands on her ass to show her. She quickly turns around and asks him what he's doing to which he smoothly replies to just relax and I'll show you. He then puts his hands on her tits and she just laughs at how confused she is. She tells him that she doesn't know what he's trying to do but before she can finish her sentence he's pulling her tits out of her sports bra. Dylan has a look of shock on her face but she doesn't take his hands away. We can tell that she hasn't a man's hands on her in some time and is loving the attention. He then takes off her yoga pants and tells her to lay back to stretch her legs. She plays along and he starts eating her pussy. She moans loudly as they fuck in multiple positions before he cums all over her big tits. Dylan would rather do this over yoga any day, and so would we.

Published: Jun 30, 2016

Tags: dylan ryder , cum on tits , cumshot , big tits , dylan ryder

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