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Description: Jelena just moved into her new place and hasn't really said much to her new roommate, Andy. After a couple days Andy knocks on Jelena's door and finds her on her bed looking at her phone. Andy compliments her room and how nice it all looks. She ordered a pizza and thought that her and Jelena could share it and get to know each other. Jelena likes the idea and tells Andy to sit on the bed beside her. Jelena then tells her that she was in the backyard earlier today and she saw Jesse, the neighbor's daughter, and couldn't believe how cute she was. Andy agrees, and tells her that Jesse has that innocent look about her that really turns her on. But she is way too young, high school she believes. They both laugh and Andy tells Jelena that she thinks it's cool that they both have the same taste in women. Andy starts to play with Jelena's leg, running her fingers up and down her smooth skin while Jelena looks at her with eager eyes. They continue to gossip about their neighbors while Andy continues to caress her legs. This is a crazy town that they're in and Jelena is disappointed that she's only going to be staying for a couple weeks before she moves back home. Andy slowly moves her hand up her leg until it's resting on her pussy and tells her that she can at least have some fun while she's here. Jelena smiles and Andy goes in for a kiss. They start undressing each other and Andy starts to play with Jelena's big natural tits. She loves the handful that they are as she fondles them and sucks on her hard nipples. Jelena then gets on top of Andy and pulls off her panties. She starts rubbing her nipple against Andy's pussy and that makes Andy moan loudly. Then they take turns eating each other's pussies, making the other cum in the process. Then they lay back on the bed in each other's arms. This is going to be a great four weeks.

Published: Jun 30, 2016

Tags: jelena jensen , lesbians , jelena jensen , andy san dimas , big natural tits

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