Prisoner Elektra Blue gets 3 holes fucked by the correction officer


Description: Alektra Blue is a bad girl always getting herself into trouble. The sexy big tit whore really did it this time, committing serious crimes to land her in jail. The gorgeous troublemaker may be locked up in the slammer for a bit, but that doesn't mean she has to be uncomfortable. Time is going by slow and the green eyed freak needs something to get into. This bad girl immediately gets busy teasing her prison guard Manuel into hooking her up with the luxuries she needs. But he's not offering any hand-outs. Alektra tries to talk him into giving her a cigarette so she can relax and puff. The guard has been working there for a while now and knows how to deal with the prisoners. He’s not about the let the big tit inmate have her way or use him for anything unless he gets something out the sea, so If that slut wants something, she had better work for it. Manuel tells Alektra. if she wants a cigarette she has to pull her tit out for him to give a look at. At this point the slut has no choice if she wants that cigarette so she starts by pulling out her big tits, making the guard hard and horny. Once he gets a look at the huge sexy boobs the tables turn and she becomes the one in control. Manuel wants to fuck her pussy really bad and is willing to let her out of jail to get the cunt. He enters the cell starts licking her pussy like he was thirsty. Elektra pulls his hair as he sucks the juices out of her wet horny pussy. She stuffs his entire cock down her throat, gagging and slurping the guards cock extremely good. This is all apart of her plan to get out of the slammer and she knew that he’ll fall for for the big finish behind bars. he tit fucks her then shove his hard dick in her soaking wet cunt ,pounding the criminal’s pussy hard and long. Alektra actually likes his meat and stuff it in her asshole making the guard fall in love with her slutty ass. Manuel keeps his word by releasing her, right after she swallowed his cock and forced out a volcanic cum eruption load

Published: Jun 30, 2016

Tags: jail , big tits in uniform , alektra blue , big tits

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