Latin hairstylist gets upset at me for flashing dick in alley


Description: Hey everyone, I'm back with a whole new flashing dick video. Are you excited? So am I. Today is my day off, so I wanted to have some fun. There is a hair salon near my house that is full of hot women. I've noticed that at least one of them takes the trash out every day around 9am, so I figured that would be a good a time as any to make my move. I parked my car next to the dumpster behind the building and waited. In the meantime, I got completely naked and started beating off to pass the time. Just as expected, at 9am on the dot, a hot Latin mamacita walked out with a bag of trash in her hand. Her hair was all made up, long and curly with blue highlights. She did not notice me at first, which had me a bit disappointed. But after she dumped the bag, she caught a glimpse of my fat dick and it stopped her in her tracks. She watched in disbelief as I sat there and casually choked my chicken. She felt compelled to get my attention by tapping on my car's passenger door so she could tell me off. I just ignored her and kept stroking, which totally did not sit well with her. After a while, I gave her short responses and told her that this was my thing. She was not having it. She told me to get my perverted ass out of there before she called the cops. I told her I couldn't help it and that I needed to continue. I think she felt a little bad for me because she started asking if I had stopped taking my medication... haha. But then I came all over myself and that really set her off. She started cursing me out in Spanish, which is always great. I wish the audio on my camera worked so you could hear how funny that was, but I fucked up the microphone last week like an asshole. (I am going to have to get that fixed as soon as I get my next paycheck.) I think she even noticed my hidden camera lol. She walked away completely furious, so I cleaned myself up and got the fuck out of there with a quickness. I am still free to flash cock again another day! Till next time, friends.

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: flash dick , flash cock , spycam , flash , flashing

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