Latin Chonga Jasmine Caro Fucked Hard by Brick Danger


Description: This episode of Chongas (ch12360) features Latina Jasmine Caro. She pulls her car in to work and meets up with her male talent, Brick Danger. She doesn't waste any time and immediately pulls Brick's dick out of his pants. He is still soft, so Jasmine takes her big tits out and starts gently stroking the skinny BangBros stud. After an aggressive public blowjob, both pornstars head indoors for more fun. Brick channels his inner artist and pulls out a large DSLR camera and starts taking pictures of Jasmine topless in her thong panties. I bet the pictures came out nice, like they could appear in a lingerie catalog or something. Jasmine removes her underwear to reveal her pretty little ass covered in stretch marks. Her pussy is cleanly shaved and looks divine. She drops to her knees (a position she well familiar with) and gives Brick another round of head. (How lucky can a guy be!?) Mr. Danger has had enough blowjobs for one day. He stands up and lifts Jasmine on to the couch, and then starts pounding away at her pussy with his long, thin dick. His pasty white flesh slaps against Jasmine's caramel-colored skin. Their skin tones are highly contrasted. Jasmine is the latte and Brick is the whipped cream on top! It is a weird visual match, but it won't stop me from getting off! The young couple voraciously engage in multiple sex positions, each one more visually appealing than the last. When all is said and done, Brick gives Jasmine his "leche" (that's MILK in Spanish), which lands all over her nice rack. Some of it gets on her face, but not much. Still, it was an impressive effort. Kudos to both of these fine actors for giving it their all. If you enjoyed this full length free porn movie, keep browsing. There is a lot more where that came from.

Published: Jul 11, 2016

Tags: chonga , jasmine caro , latina , brick danger

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