Hundred Dolla Makes This Chubby Blonde Prostitute Holla


Description: I drove around town looking for a good time after my shift ended at Taco Bell today. I turned the camera on in my phone and set it to record right before I picked up this cute chubby hooker on the street. She had fake blonde hair and a round face, with the biggest tits I have seen in a long while. She was wearing a tight black tank top that revealed her cleavage and her muffin top. I told her I was trying to get a little blowjob and she asked me what I was willing to pay. I offered her $100, and she seemed OK with it. Did I offer her too much? Shit, I don't know. Maybe next time I will start with a lower number. Whatever, she was totally worth it. She got inside the car and I took a better look at her. She had short shorts on, and silky smooth legs with little blonde hairs on them that glistened in the sun. Her fat belly had a tasteful piercing on the navel. I love girls with meat on their bones, my friends, and this chick had it going on. We drove to a secluded area where I parked and unzipped my pants. She took my flaccid, uncut dick into her mouth and chewed on it like bubble gum. I was hard in no time. Much to my surprise, she had a tongue ring. A tongue ring, I said! This girl puts the PRO in prostitute. I completely took off my pants to get more comfortable. She bobbed her chicken head up and down on my brown cock. Her big tits look perfect sitting on my right leg. I am surprised my spycam managed to grab such HD footage, but it did a splendid job. Thank you, Galaxy S7 Edge! She picked up the pace and got my dick all wet and sloppy. She used her hands more and I was immediately in heaven. She continued to stroke my cock as I came all over myself. She licked some of it up and wiped off the rest with a napkin she kept inside her purse. That is what I call service!

Published: Jul 8, 2016

Tags: spycam , hooker , blowjob , reality

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