Latina Using Her New Favorite Toy Called Butterfly Kiss


Description: Welcome back guys! It's me one of your favorite erotic Latinas who love's to have fun. I recently purchased this new adult toy from Amazon because from the description it looked have so much diversity. It's called Butterfly Kiss and it's said to be the ultimate female arousal. The design is sensual which has a clitoral and G-spot simulator that is shaped like a butterfly. It's water proof and power packed so we can take it anywhere! Also, this dildo is a 3-speed arouser with convenient controls that are easy to use. When I read about this toy, it was a no questions asked, must buy! I didn't even read any reviews, I saw that it could fit my camgirl lifestyle so I went with it. I didn't recorded my unboxing experience because I was so eager to try it out when I received it. And oh my sweet Jesus, this dildo was amazing! I had to make this video for my fans to watch me get pleasured. So here it is, I'm wearing my sexy red lingerie night gown with matching panties. I prefer to masturbate with all of my clothe off so as I'm laying back on my bed, I want give a little striptease. Now that my big tits are out and my small patch of hair above my shaved pussy is exposed, I start to rub my clit to make it wet. Once it was ready for the toy, I turn on the vibrator to it's max speed setting and insert the toy as deep as it goes to feel the the butterfly fluttering on my clitoris. I fuck myself for about twelve minutes straight until I made myself orgasm. I hope you enjoy watching me play with my new favorite toy. Come chat with me and let know where you like to watch me pleasure myself. See you all later!

Published: Jun 30, 2016

Tags: masturbating , toy , latina , webcam

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