Natalie Nice invites us to the pool on her day off


Description: Natalie is a country girl from Kansas that loves soaking up the rays in a bikini here in Miami. She's one of our most popular webcam girls and she invited us over to her place for a behind the scenes shoot of sorts. Her fans want to know more about her and are curious about what she does on her days off. When we arrive we find her in a bikini in the backyard. We sneak up on her to take a good look at her ass and when she catches us she giggles and tells us that we need to patient. She invites us to join her in the pool since we're feeling frisky. She gets in up to her knees and starts splashing the cold water on herself. She tells us that whenever she just dives right into the cold water it makes her nipples get so hard. Yeah we can tell, her bikini isn't really hiding anything. She gets in to her waist and takes off her top to reveal her big tits. She doesn't like tanlines and this is the only way to get an even tan outside. The night before she was having some fun with some glow in the dark paint and you can still see some on her nipples. She giggles as she plays with them, telling us just how wild these Miami parties are. Then she turns around to bounce her booty up and down for us. She loves the way it moves when she's in the water. Then she pulls off her bottoms and shows off her perfect shaved pussy. She sits outside the pool and spreads her legs for us to have a good look. She's so turned on knowing that anyone could be watching her right now that she starts playing with her pussy. She fingers herself until she cums and then licks her fingers clean. Natalie thanks us for coming over and can't wait for her fans to watch her online so she can watch they cum too.

Published: Jul 1, 2016

Tags: masturbate , natalie nice , natalie nice , outdoors , solo

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