Ebony Lesbians orgasm from tongue and toys


Description: Today is Lotus Lain’s birthday and she receives a phone call from Chanell Heart. Lotus and Chanell are the best of friends that have always been curious about pleasing each other. Chanell brings over her pink vibrator since she’s been stressed lately and wants to help her try them being that she doesn’t know how to work the toys. Channel kiss lotus on the lips which surprise her but it feels good so she goes with it and the two get into a steamy makeup session. Lotus strips down showing her chocolate milk skin and beautiful breasts. Channel sucks her pretty nipples and compliments her on how soft her skin is. She then spreads her legs wide open and channel licks her pussy while teaching her how to use the new toy that she bought her. She starts fingering her soaking wet pussy making her moan loud from intense pleasure and all while the vibrator is stimulating her cunt. Channel loves the taste of Lotus pussy and lets her know she like the feeling. She bends over and they stick the pink dildo in. Lotus also has a vibrator, and double penetrates her pussy at the same time. They then switch and Lotus starts licking channell. After some face sitting, they begin rubbing their pussies together to get off and making out at the same time for an orgasm.

Published: Jul 3, 2016

Tags: lesbian , lotus lain , toys , lotus lain , chanell heart

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