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Description: I always wanted to document my life but never had the nerve to do so. I met this guy about a year ago and he changed me forever. He taught me how to just let go and unwind, and not to care about what people think of me. We engaged in a lot of kinky activities that I thought I would never indulge in, however, i feel complete free now and want to explore new heights. The strange thing about me recording my life is how natural it felt after a short time of recording, he was surprised I wanted to do this but I think it really turned him on. To be honest, I was a little nervous the first day we started recording but I eventually got comfortable. We took turns holding the camera, and wow when I watched it back, I loved it. He sucked my tits and fingered my vagina to losing me up, I guess. I started it off with a bang, giving him a blowjob, slow and sensual because that's how he likes it, even though I rather deep throat sloppy suck his cock. I jumped on top of him and started riding his cock. I go slow in the beginning , my pussy is high and needs to get it juicing before I can really bounce on it. I really think it and of teased him and he wanted to go deep, so we put the camera on the dresser and oh my, he fucking drilled my pussy hard, I came really quick. When we watched it, I could hear my pussy gushing wet and I really liked when he bust his nut on my body. This first one is the beginning of a fun journey, I'm going to document my entire life and share it with whoever wants to see. So until next time, goodbye

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: homemade , amateur , pierced

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