Sucking some guys dick that bought me drinks


Description: Hey, guys, I was fucking hanging out at this little bar taking shots and damn tab came to like 200 bucks and only had 50 on me so this guy paid for my drinks and even bought me more. At first, I wasn’t going to let him because he kept taking out this fucking camera, fuming everything. he told me he met me before but I didn’t remember him. I was kept asking him how we met but he wouldn’t tell me but eventually, he said we had sex at a party about 6months ago. I still didn’t remember, I've fucked many guys at parties but I didn’t tell him that I just pretended like I remembered him. I wanted to thank him for the drinks so we walk to a quiet area, down some sketchy staircase and pulled his dick out. When I took his dick out I was like damn, that shit was huge so I let him record me . I gave him a blowjob while looking at the camera, to be honest, i felt like a porn star and I loved it. I took my tits out for him and tried to stuff it down my throat but it was too big. His fucking camera light kept going out but I didn’t care that dick taste great and my pussy was getting wet. I thought he was going to cum quicker but it took a while. I let him cum in my mouth, it tastes like vodka or maybe it was my breathe. After I drank his nut , someone was coming so I ran off. he emailed me later and sent me this video, I think I'm going to do this on camera more often.

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: homemade , amateur , blowjob , outdoors

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