Penny shows how to convince your gf to have a threeway


Description: Jack has been wanting a to have a threesome for a long time and he's figured out how to convince his girlfriend to do it. First he gets some eyes drops and some silly putty. His girlfriend walks into the room and sees him crying and wants to know what's wrong. He admits to keeping something from her that he should of told her a long time ago. He has a condition where he has three testicles. At this news his girlfriend gives him a weird look. She's never heard of that before to which he replies that it's more common than you think. Since he has three balls he's never fully satisfied after sex. His girlfriend drains two of his balls but the third one is like having blue balls except it's blue ball. She asks how can they solve the problem and he immediately says threesome. A threesome with another girl would help him tremendously. She starts to think back on all the times they've had sex and she never noticed his third ball before. He pulls down his pants to show her and there's the silly putty acting as a third ball. She falls for it hook, line, and sinker. The point is communication. If you ever want your fantasy realized you're going to have to be honest with your partner and tell them what you want. You can risk being shunned or having the relationship end right then and there but when you decide to take the chance it'll be so worth it. Jack's girlfriend invites one of her friends over and warns her that Jack has three balls. Her friend understands and they both take turns sucking his cock. After Jack fucks both girls in many positions he cums all over the new girl's stomach and his girlfriend laps it up.

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: couple , threesome , college , girlfriend

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