Sexy european babe fucks random guy by the pool


Description: Berces Veronika is on vacation and she looking to fuck some random hot guy. She heads all over the resort but only finds fat older guys. Moments before she was going to give up she spots a hot muscular guy by the pool. Berces Veronika walks up to Simon Balaz and converses with him for a while. He was going on and on about his job back home so she just came right out and asked if he wanted to fuck her. He paused for a moment, he was thinking about it but never imagines she would be so up front about it. Berces Veronika laid back against his chest and wiggles her ass on his dick. He explored all over her body with his hands. She wasn’t wearing a bra so he could directly feel her tits through her shirt. He peeled all of her clothes off and placed his hard dick in her mouth. Next they fucked on the reclining chair until he orgasmed

Published: Jul 2, 2016

Tags: simon balaz , berces veronika , simon balaz , wankz , outdoors

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