Hot euro babe uses her oral fixation to blow four guys


Description: Kitty is a very energetic college student looking to make a few extra euros during her summer break. She very peculiar that she’s always chewing gum or biting her pen cap. I asked her if she has a oral fixation and she replied isn’t it obvious. I asked her if she would likes to use her condition to suck dick. Her eyes opened wide and she shook her head. I made a few calls and had her model her plaid lingerie. When everything was ready I told her to go in the back because i have a big penis back there waiting for her. What i didn’t tell her was there was four guys waiting back there and they all wanted their cocks sucked. She was excited see the smorgasbord of penis to select from. Kitty paraded them from that back after tying them together. They all lined up and she went from dick to dick deepthroating them all. Next the guys circled around her so she could suck and give hand jobs at the same time

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: kitty , blow job , blowjob video , blowbang

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