Photo model takes big facial for the final shot


Description: The hottest new up and coming lingerie is on set and she looks even better in person. Estelle really blew people away when she was in the hottest fashion magazine Paris produces. Her dark red hair really pops against her fair skin. She modeled several pieces of lingerie against a white backdrop in black high heels. After the shoot she went back to her dressing room to relax. One of the photographers assistants went into her room to see if she needed anything because the crew was ordering food and he found her masturbating on the pool table. The assistant was obviously embarrassed and tried to leave but she stopped him from leaving and gave him a blowjob. Rubbing her shave pussy with her fingers made her incredibly horny and the thought of having his cock inside her overwhelmed her senses. After making his cock hard she pushed him on top of the pool table and bounced on his dick reverse cowgirl. He pounded her pierced pussy in several different positions and shot his load all over her face

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: facial , euro , cumshot , inflagranti

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