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Description: Edward is getting ready to go out drinking with the guys but he can’t find his phone anywhere. He logged into the phone locator service from his laptop and he found out the ringing was coming from his girlfriend. Margo text all of his friends while he was in the shower that he wasn’t going. He asked her why she did that and she stated its because they haven’t spent any time together lately and she wanted him all to herself. Edward pretended to reach for his phone but he grabbed her but with one hand and the other hand was lifting her shirt. He sucked on her perky breasts before undressing her and tasting her ass. He used his middle finger to gently penetrate her ass to relax her hole for his cock. Margo was fucked doggystyle on the loveseat, then she was flipped over so Edward could thumb her pussy while he pounded her ass

Published: Jul 4, 2016

Tags: euro , anal , edward , margo

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