Virgin teen learns about sex from her stepdad


Description: Sarah has just arrived home from school and found her stepdad on the couch. They say hi and talk about each other's day and Sarah tells him that today they had sex education. She's still not entirely sure how it all works and her boyfriend has been pressuring her into having sex. She explains that she's a virgin and is afraid she won't know what to do when the time comes. Apparently she's supposed to have him wear a condom but she doesn't know for sure. Her stepdad tells her that she'll have to find somebody to volunteer to show her the ways of sex if she wants to get experienced enough to satisfy her boyfriend. The problem is that she's not comfortable enough with anyone to do that and she definitely won't do it with anyone at school. They wouldn't keep their mouths shut and the last thing she needs is people spreading rumors about her. Her stepdad then tells her that he could be the guy to teach her. He definitely has experience in this department but before they start he makes her promise they won't tell mom. She agrees, and also because she'd be in just as much trouble as he would be. The first thing she needs is a condom and sure enough she has one in her bra. They were handing them out at school so she nabbed one. He pulls down his pants and she's amazed at what a cock looks like. She plays with it before ultimately putting on the condom. Her stepdad teaches her how to stroke it and she starts using her mouth as well. Then he tells her to sit on it and she starts to moan. She didn't know it was supposed to hurt and her stepdad tells her that it does at first but soon it'll start to feel good. She rides him until she cums and asks him what just happened. He explains she just had her first orgasm and then proceeds to fuck her in multiple positions before letting her jerk him off and watching it shoot all over her hands. She cleans it up with her mouth and thanks her stepdad for all his help.

Published: Jul 5, 2016

Tags: stepdad , virgin , stepdaughter , teen

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