Teen babysitter Marley Brinx will do whatever you ask


Description: Mr. Diesel needed a babysitter immediately. There was an emergency he needed to take care of but he couldn't leave his kids alone. He called up the Babysitter's Club and tells them if there's anyone available that they can send over right away. It turns out only Marley is available and that doesn't sit well with him. Marley babysat for him in the past and it did not go well. He caught her rummaging through his stuff. Bottles of liquor were missing and he can't deal with that again. But it is an emergency and there is no one else so he reluctantly agrees. When she arrives he makes it clear that she's not allowed to have any parties while he's gone or go through his things. He gives her a quick tour, sort of like a refresher. As he's talking she stops paying attention and notices a bottle of wine on the counter. He sees her looking at it and tells her no. She is not allowed to touch this and puts the bottle away. He tells her that he'll be back as soon as he can and to please listen to his instructions. The moment he leaves the house she pulls off her top. She's only comfortable when she's only wearing a bra. That and with the small white shorts she has on, good thing Mr. Diesel's kids are upstairs. Eventually she finds the bottle of wine and begins to drink when Mr. Diesel walks in. It turns out it was a false alarm and he was able to get back sooner than expected. This is the last straw and Mr. Diesel pulls out his phone to call the Babysitter's club to get her fired. Marley begs him not to and apologizes profusely. She tells him that she'll do anything to keep her job. This gets his attention and she gets on her knees and tells him that again. He asks her what she has in mind and she crawls over to him and pulls his cock out of his pants. He can't deny how hot she is and he love seeing her pink lips wrapped around his cock while she looks up at him with those green eyes. Then he fucks her tight pussy before cumming in her mouth. He can forgive her this once.

Published: Jul 5, 2016

Tags: marley brinx , babysitter , teen , raven

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