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Description: Alec Knight stopped by his son's house to spend time with his newborn grandson. When he arrived, he found a pretty blonde washing the dishes in the kitchen. He startled her when he introduced himself. She thought he was an intruder but he asked her to look at some of the pictures around the fireplace to see if she recognizes his face. Turns out he was telling the truth and he asked if she could escort him to where the baby is sleeping. She leaves him alone with the sleeping baby and goes into one of the guest rooms. Older men really turn her on and his sexy salt and pepper beard made her pussy soaking wet. Iris laid on the bed and started masturbating to the thought of him fucking her. Alec was on his way out and he walked into the room to tell her goodbye and he spotted her masturbating. He told her she should do that at home but Iris stood up and placed a few of her wet fingers in his mouth to taste. When he was done sampling her, she pulled him closer by his tie and took his pants off. Iris rode his cock on the bed after giving him an awesome blowjob.

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: teen , babysitter , iris rose , alec knight

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