Teen practices her massage skills on her boyfriend


Description: Emma is studying to be a physical therapist and is learning to do deep tissue relaxation as part of the course. She does a lot of practice on her boyfriend, Steve, but today she actually brought a massage table home from school. She rearranged the furniture in her room to look like a real massage parlor to complete the effect. She had him change behind the curtain and lay on the table. Emma told him to undress but she didn’t think he would come out fully nude. She tried to keep it professional but while she was massaging his chest she kept staring at his cock. Her oiled fingers slid down his stomach and started stroking his dick. He almost came because she paid great attention to the tip of his dick. Emma pulled her top up and wrapped her tits around his dick and titty fucked him before climbing onto of the table and riding his dick. The massage oil worked as excellent lube for their hardcore sex session.

Published: Jul 6, 2016

Tags: team skeet , emma , massage , teen

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